The Wisdom Of Dreams

The Wisdom of Dreams: Science, Synchronicity and the Language of the Soul provides a unique synthesis of dream science and dream interpretation. Using both depth psychology and current scientific research the authors provide a readable yet thorough guide to the understanding of dreams.
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Introduction to The Wisdom Of Dreams

Drs. Mahr and Drake met by chance (or synchronously) when Dr. Mahr was giving a lecture to the Sleep Medicine program on dream interpretation. Dr. Drake was in attendance, and the two talked at length after the lecture and their unique partnership was formed. As a sleep scientist, Dr. Drake had always been interested in dreams and Dr. Mahr’s experience as a clinician, teacher and interpreter of dreams led to extensive discussions out of which The Wisdom of Dreams: Science, Synchronicity and the Language of the Soul was born.

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Wisdom of Dreams, offers insights for both clinicians working with dreams and for anyone interested in understanding their own dreams. Clinicians often feel unsure about how to use dreams in therapy. Dream work is a powerful clinical tool that can become an integral part of therapy. Beyond their use in therapy, dreams bring important messages to all of us. Understanding the wisdom of dreams can help all of us grow, change and heal.

Non Clinicians

With the right tools, any of us can learn to understand and benefit from our dreams. For the laymen this book offers a model for understanding our dreams based on both science and interpretive techniques. Dreams appear to us for a purpose, it is our job to understand that purpose.

About the Authors

Greg Mahr M.D. is a psychiatrist, a teacher and a writer.  He is director of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and is on faculty at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dream work and Jungian depth psychology have been long standing passions for Greg, and he has helped run a dream group for almost 10 years. Greg is a skilled writer and has published flash fiction and poetry in a variety of medical and literary journals.

Chris Drake PhD is the Director of the Tom Roth Sleep Research Institute at Henry Ford Hospital. He is a prominent sleep researcher who has published over 200 academic papers and received multiple research grants.

Dream Groups

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