Book Summary

Introduction to The Wisdom Of Dreams

Drs. Mahr and Drake met by chance (or synchronously) when Dr. Mahr was giving a lecture to the Sleep medicine program on dream interpretation. Dr. Drake was in attendance, and the two talked at length after the lecture. They began to meet regularly, and the book The Wisdom of Dreams: Science, Synchronicity and the Language of the Soul grew out of those meetings.

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Experienced Interpreter Of Dreams

Dr. Drake is a sleep scientist who had always been interested in dreams; Dr. Mahr is a clinician, teacher and experienced interpreter of dreams who always had been interested in sleep science. Their unique and complementary skills produced a book that offers a harmonious synthesis of depth psychology, dream interpretation and dream science.

Guide For Dream Work Therapist

Drs. Mahr and Drake have produced a guide to dreamwork for therapists who want to use dreams as a tool in their clinical work. Anyone interested in personal dreamwork, and anyone who wants to understand dreams better will find this book useful as well.